As the place where everyone who comes to your house will be, a living room should be cozy. Besides, you also need to make it interesting and nice to be stayed. The beauty of the living room can be presented through contemporary architecture. It shows that you are up with times and also modern. Make anyone fascinated with your living room ideas. Let them think where you find the ideas.

Present coolest contemporary architecture. You will start it from the wall color of the room. The best color for contemporary feel is a simple neutral color like white, wooden brown, black, or light grey. You may paint the wall with white. While on the other parts, you can use grey wallpaper as its combination. Later on, you may hang a golden painting there.

The cool grey wall will melt together with the gold. Modern but rustic nuance can be shown from the light wooden flooring. Make the room more elegant and spacious with high white ceiling. Choose white sofa with a simple white coffee table to serve your guests food and drinks. Add black and white stripes cushion. You also may slightly break the nuance of contemporary with a cheerful atmosphere. Some colorful cushions help you to do that.

Then, white round pendant lamps which hanging over the table is very good. It’s possible to have three or two lamps there to get enough lighting. Perfect the seat set by spreading a grey rug. When you need more seats or your guests, it’s better for you to add black puffs than bright color puffs. It’s done to keep the modern nuance and everything in harmony. On the other side, a TV with long wooden stand is welcome. Frank it with black round floor lamps. Black shelves are also can be put to fill the room and to store your newest favorite magazine.

If you are an environmentalist, there is nothing wrong if you want to bring natural sense to your contemporary architecture of your living room. You can achieve that by placing potted plants in the corner. Get the nice place to receive your guests by showing your character there.

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