Confused what you should you do to your apartment? Which rooms should be on the first floors, and which other rooms must be? Deciding the location of rooms in your apartment needs serious thought. Don’t let your ideas of apartment tortures you later. Catch amazing apartment floor plans and get the perfect result by installing amazing flooring tile.

Decorating and designing an apartment will be a bit different with a house. If you are lucky, maybe you have a big house with a large yard. Through that house, you can choose the great design as you want freely without thinking of your home size.

While an apartment, you have to be smart to grab the right ideas for that, including apartment floor plans. In the first floor, you may have a small living room and a dining room. You don’t need to build a concrete divider; a curtain is enough to separate those rooms. Differentiate the color or pattern of the floor between the rooms. It can indicate that an area with one theme flooring has different function with the other area with other themes. It’s better for you to use bright flooring for living room. And present fresh nuance in the dining room by installing light shabby green.

The kitchen which is near the dining room will help you to prepare cook fast. It may have same flooring with the dining room. Next to it, a toilet with dark flooring makes you enjoy bathing there. Then, your bedroom in the second floor can be designed beautifully by light brown flooring. It gives elegant sense to the room. Make you are not tired to go up or down to get to the toilet by having a toilet in the second floor. Just adjust the color of flooring with the theme you want to apply there. Seeing the view from your apartment can be one of your apartment floor plans. Present a balcony in front of your bedroom. It will spoil you in the afternoon.

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