Live in a cozy house if everyone’s dream, even maybe it’s also your dream. They will make efforts to find the best designs and great ideas to achieve their dream. There are many designs that can be applied to your house. One of them is by designing it to be an extraordinary modern farmhouse. The nuance of farm, the modern of design, and the beauty of things there can create great atmosphere to your house that you’ve never seen before.

Design your modern farmhouse well. Let’s start it from the building of your house. Building a house over the land can be your choice. Combine it with stages on the porch. Surely, it will be a unique house of yours. Then, you can use teak wood to build your house. It’s very suitable for your farmhouse. Bring the modern sense by painting it with white. Combine it with large glass windows. It’s really modern.

Try to leaving the areas around the house to plant some vegetable or fruit trees. You will always get fresh air in the morning and they will endure the heat of sunlight at noon. Besides, you may also you’re your budget to buy vegetable. You are able to take it from backyard. Another modern way is by combining white and black for its building. Next, you are going to begin finding the best ideas for the inside of your farmhouse. By using neutral color sofa and wooden table, the modern, rustic, and cool feels blend to be one in your room.

Using rattan furniture is another way that you can take. Don’t forget that white on the wall and ceiling will be more amazing if it’s combined with wooden flooring. Spread rugs on some spots to beautify your house. It’s also possible to make your house more stylish and elegant with wall décor. Just do by yourself. You’ll get a satisfaction of it. Perfect your modern farmhouse by using great lighting. White bright lighting makes your house modern and yellow lighting bring a dramatic feel of farm.

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